One of the most boring subjects some say is statistics. Why not present it in such a way that anyone even those only with a right brain can appreciate. That’s what Hans Rosling did. He was able to make a web-based application called GAPMINDER. I recently watched a video in by Hans Rosling titled […]

Chikka has been helping me a lot so I just want to help him. When you login in chikka, there is an option to check the “Remember Me” box. Since I have my own computer at home, it would be more efficient if I click that box. However, when you attempt to login the next […]

McCain has already accepted defeat without sounding resentful. He has set set the tone. And I admire the Americans for showing humility in accepting it. Unlike of course to our poor country where everyone says that he was cheated. As I type this, McCain is giving his speech. His crowd is booing Obama but McCain […]

To PISAY batch ’04 and to alll PISAY batches, I bet everyone is aware as to what happened to our dear campus. I was there 2 weeks ago, some people were doing load testing to ensure the strength of the floors. It’s not at all cool to see students having classes at the grandstand, canteen […]

Obama is loud in all surveys. But the surveys are not getting the true voice of the American people. I think the silent majority is for Mcain. November 4 is fast approaching but even if Obama wins the popular, Obama can’t be all too confident with it until the electoral result shows up. There is […]

Click here for March 2009 Results I heard that the ECE board exam results for October will be released today. I think I am as excited as my friends who took the exam last Saturday and Sunday. So a quick type in google of “PRC Board Exam Results” will give you the option to go […]

I heard some people say Christmas will be cancelled here in the Philippines because of poverty. Yeah right! Of course that was a joke. 🙂 But poverty is not a joke here in our country. The solution I have in mind maybe a very mild and very simple solution, but I very well know that […]