My online life suffered for the past month. Or my real life suffered in the previous eleven months? I just observed that more people are logging on facebook and yahoo messenger again. Goodbye holiday season and welcome back normal life. My friend told me of all occasions, what he hates the most is New Year. Because when you wake up tomorrow, everything will be back to normal again. Students go back to school. Workers and Employees go back to work. But people like me, I still have until March to bum around. That is if I want to fail the board exams. But of course I have to push myself to study. 

I consider my sked during the holidays to be heavier as compared to normal days (those which require the brain to do a bit more thinking aka studying). It became a little more hectic when I had to help out in a christmas party, in a family reunion with stage productions and all the works, aside from the regular Christmas Season when every relative hosts their own eating party starting December 15 (ehem! Birthday!) up to January 4 (ehem! my brother’s Birthday). As Bob Ong’s illustrator puts it, “LECHON KAWALI! TSITSARONG HAYBLAD! If health is wealth, dukha tayo, pero masaya naman kumain. Ika nga, ok lang di mayaman basta masaya. Bow. Isaw at Balot pah!” Me and my cousins… We have a unique way of having a good time. I buy isaw and chicharong bituka, my cousin buys balot and penoy higupin, we then get coke zero just to compensate for the cholesterol by increasing the risks of having cancer! That’s all. 

BTW, I’m a fan of Chicharong Bulaklak –> Chicharong Bulaklak on Facebook


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