Bob Ong Shirts: For Official Use Only


Bob Ong Shirts… Hmm… Is he the guy who authored the ABNKKBSNPLAKo?! and Bakit Baliktad Magbasa ng Libro ang Mga Pilipino? And now they have shirts? Yes! and Yes! They come in green with Honeycomb/Lacoste-type fabric and the yellow one is a cotton shirt. Both with the same logos you saw in Bob Ong’s first two books. The yellow one is really an eye catcher but I bought the green one instead with the ABNKKBSNPLAKo?! logo in front. I don’t really know why. Maybe i’m really biased towards the color green… For 290Php each, the only way to purchase the shirts is to buy them online. Go to their site. I ordered mine, paid through BPI and poof! It became coco crunch! (No problem looking for a BPI branch coz i bet you can spot one in a 1000-meter radius.) I think I’ll get the yellow shirt anytime soon, I hope i don’t get the cut-off of 200 shirts. Instructions for buying is so easy. They have a step-by-step-fool-proof guide in their site even your 4-year old will not have a hard time understanding.

I wanted to write this in a way sounding like Bob Ong but I’m sure no one can imitate him and it should be written in Tagalog to appreciate the humor. I’m also promoting his books not because I know him or have seen him. Only a very few people know who he is even the CIA doesn’t have a clue. I heard his parents also don’t know that their son is the mind behind the books. In fact I believe there are only three entities in this whole world who know him.  His publisher, his illustrator and himself. Anyway out of Bob Ong’s six books (, my favorite is Alamat ng Gubat, not only because the illustration is so nice (illustration by Klaro de Asis? Maybe I’ll contact him to help me in some of my advertising plans for my business), but because of the dialogue between the animals specially when the turtle… Oops! no spoilers. Just buy the book. Maybe the people behind these shirts should also print an orange shirt with the Alamat ng Gubat logo. Just an idea.

Question (to the people behind the shirt printing), did Bob Ong compose the entries in the website? I have a hunch he made the entries himself. And do you really have a 200 limit on the shirts?



  1. Hi kaiser! nice blog!

    exchange links? my blog discusses news and journalism. Thank you!:D

    By the way, I am fernandez also. hehehe.

  2. astig naman ng signatur model niya! si obama! hehe…

  3. BO personally picks the design with the help of an artist.

    Yes, he has a 200 pcs limit on sale.

  4. prinsesakei · ·

    sayang wala ng size for ladies.. magkakaroon pa kaya?? i want the green one.. ugh =)

  5. gawa pa kau para sa ladies… plssssssssssssssssssssssss………..

  6. Myles gem · ·

    wla nah po bang available t-shirts?for ladies po.,gawa p po sna kau.,PLease.,Thank you.,

  7. Myles gem · ·

    wla nah po bang available t-shirts?for ladies po.,gawa p po sna kau.,PLease.,Thank you po.,

  8. hi pnu po ba bumili nyan

  9. saan pu makakabili ng mga shirt na yan????

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