Boring meets Entertaining

ted_logoOne of the most boring subjects some say is statistics. Why not present it in such a way that anyone even those only with a right brain can appreciate. That’s what Hans Rosling did. He was able to make a web-based application called GAPMINDER. I recently watched a video in by Hans Rosling titled Debunking third-world myths with the best stats you’ve ever seen. If he was a teacher in my university and he’s teaching math, I bet no one will get bored. His style of presenting with drama and urgency as a sportscaster, everyone would like him.

He already has two videos on TED. The other titled New insights of poverty and life around the world. The tool that made both presentations very interesting is GAPMINDER. Just click on Gapminder world. Will you like it or not or am I just geeky enough to appreciate it? It depends. It’s not a matter of like, it’s just understanding statistics of the world with style. You have to see it for yourself and be amazed.

Also watch Hans’ videos on Plus, as they put it, Ideas worth spreading, I recommend the videos on TED. I can’t explain enough the knowledge that you can get in an 18-minute video. Entertaining and knowledge is full packed. Remember the time when you were very idealistic thinking that you on your own can change the world world? That’s what it feels when you finish every video.  Inspired talks by the world’s greatest thinkers and doers. See for yourself. The roster of presentors itself will make you want to watch every video…


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  1. Thanks for sharing this, Kaiser. Regards and God bless.

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