Chikka Problem

Chikka has been helping me a lot so I just want to help him. When you login in chikka, there is an option to check the “Remember Me” box. Since I have my own computer at home, it would be more efficient if I click that box. However, when you attempt to login the next time, this shows up.


Nice! It recognizes me going back to the site again. But something’s missing… hmmm… I’m really not sure. Oh I remember… yeah, there’s no option to continue if I’m successful at identifying myself as Kaiser Fernandez. I then have to click the “click here” if I wanted to login as another user, but of course I’m logging again as Kaiser Fernandez. Conclusion. The remember me box is useless.

Just to help them out. I already asked an ex-chikka employee to tell Chikka about this problem…

Good thing it’s still Beta. I heard gmail is still in Beta. That means no one can sue them whatever happens. Hehe. πŸ™‚

Honestly Chikka is a lot of help, It saves me money whenever I have to send group messages/announcements! I hope you don’t stop giving away free credits. BTW, how do you earn?



  1. Hi Kaiser, thank you for your feedback. We are working to continuously improve chikka messenger to make it more delightful to use. We’re glad it has helped you and others. That has been our motivation from the start. Keep your suggestions coming. Thanks.

    Gio Bacareza

  2. hi! i just want to know how to earn credits on chikka..because, i can’t send any messages anymore..thanks…

  3. Hi, you don’t earn credits in chikka. You just have a limit per day and if it just happens that you consume all the credits, then you just have to wait another day for the credits to be replenished. However, if your credits don’t seem to replenish, just click “Contact Us” on their page. πŸ™‚

  4. please help? i’m new here, i just started using chikka the other day.

    i only sent less than 10 messages today and it said i don’t have remaining credits. but yesterday i sent more than 30 messages and i didn’t get that warning.. i don’t really understand that “credits” thing.. can someone explain to me what possibly went wrong?

  5. chikka have problem some text messages was delay always delay my family in the philippines didnt recieve it.. please help

  6. I just want to ask about Chikka, everytime I send a text message to someone in the Philippines, they would always reply back to my cellphone. If I don’t receive any text messages to Chikka itself, it will block me saying it’s for spam protection. How do I divert the incoming text messages temporarily to my Chikka so I could continue to send text messages?

  7. hi… i cant open chikka now…, im using chikka for a year already but this is the first time it happens, there is a windows error coming and i dont know what to do. pls help

  8. Recently I received a chikka text from a contact on my Chikka list.

    But when I contacted the person from whom it came (because the text clearly wasn’t for me), they claimed they never even sent the text.

    Is this even possible? Has anyone experienced this with Chikka before?

  9. hi chikka, had a problem of signing in to chikka, every time i use my account it was signed in for some second only and then shows invalid password. please note that this account i’m using works on some other computer, only that i had a problem in one pc, it seems that this pc was default to only one logger. how can i made this open to all chikka users.
    hope you can send me some answers
    thanks in advance…

    bads soti-ar

  10. june silva · ·

    what is happening to chikka? it affects a lot of us filipino’s overseas, its the only way we can have good communication with our loved ones back in the philippines and now what’s happening?! i cannot log in to both version of chikka. what is happening?! can you please fix this? there are many of us filipinos relying on the help chikka gives to us,especially to me because i dont have a roaming sim and cellphone. my wife replies to chikka for .5php. please help us, we hope you could fix this problem asap!

    hope you’d consider this message

  11. from aug-nov 2010 chikka v5 is not working gud my wife and i had a big fight just bec of not receiving messages to each other please make v5 better you have been affiliated to 3 networks please resolved all your technical issues ASAP!!!thanks…

  12. for the past few weeks grrrrrrrrrr
    chikka sucks!

  13. gitaclarisse · ·

    hi, i can’t receive any messages on my chikka account thru iphone anymore,
    I used to receive it everytime before, but now even if my friend from Philippines text me, I can’t receive it anymore, it’s not going in but everytime I check my credits, it’s getting more….

  14. hi,can’t used my chikka id & password w/ other computers, i used to do that before but now i cannot log-in

  15. my problem is whenever i log in using version 4 of chikka, it would always say that it is not a valid ID i am using to log in. however, if i use version 5, it logs in.. where is the problem? just confused. thank you…

  16. my problem is that . . since 29th june morning i am not recieveing any single txt on my chikka account. . whats is going on ?. . and every day in 8pm to 10:30 pm as per philip time. . reciver get 10 min txt late, ,. .chikka. going now much worse day by day. . .insted of improving itself. . .i am very dissappointed with the service of chikka. . .

  17. makpogi · ·

    when the windows in the chikka msg is full, then everytime i recved a msg it all ways go back to the top.. i cant see the new msg that i revd, need to scroll down every time i recvd nd send a msg.. help to resolve this problem.. i musing windows 7 now..

  18. james olivar · ·

    Hi. I dont use chikka and I never registered my number there but my co=workers are receiving messages from my number using chikka.

  19. antipro16 · ·

    i can’t run/open/start my chikka messenger.theres an error saying send dont send .. please help

  20. krystel gulpo · ·

    pls help me. theres a problem on my chikka messenger last night on my iphone4 phone, so i log out. then after i cant log in anymore. what can i do. i really need that chikka messenger. pls help me. tnx

  21. chikka for android the new version, wont connect just keeps saying connecting, then, an error, check your internet settings, what???? it was working yesterday, but no more, nothing has been installed, nothing added, no internet settings changed, just wont work anymore, what is the point of creating an app for android when it fails, ?? because now it is useless.

  22. tony aguinaldo · ·

    hello, i registerered at chikka and they still not giving me any chikka id and password what’s the matter with this i’ve been checking my e-mail if there is any messages but still no messages have been given to me coming from chikka is this chikkalokohan what’s the maqtter with this program wake up

  23. hi, m from d phils & im using chikka thru my galaxy tab 10.1. my question is, how do i log out from chikka? i hav 2 uninstall just so i can log out coz there’s no button there that says log out. & then i hav 2 install again. & so on & so forth.. lol

  24. Nouelle Pacle · ·

    Hi, I have been using chikka messenger for quite a while now.. ~I would like to know if you have any technical problems at the minute? I cannot login from my laptop and from my phone?

    Thank you!

  25. Hello po! I am currently residing here in Washington state and chikka has been very useful to me. I can text my love ones in the Philippines for free and I am using chikka almost every minute. I just have few problems in chikka: when it is already 1am in the morning here, my family in the Philippines can’t receive any of my messages even though I still have free credits in chikka. Mr. owner of chikka I don’t know why this is happening I really love chikka but if this happens every time I am going to be quite disappointed. Please Help me resolve this problem.

    If you have any solutions for this, please contact me through my email:

    I am also hoping that you can add a call feature and I am really looking forward to it :]

    Thank you!

  26. kristel jane cerveza · ·

    hi there!i reaaly need a help in here. is very helpful to me being away from my family. yesterday, i cant open the website and error is coming out. how do i open it?please help..thanks a lot

  27. Good day. I have been using chikka for many years now. Primarily, i send inspiring and motivational quotes to my contacts (almost) daily. My crdeit lessens because some contacts received two messages. hat will chikka people do about it. Nevertheless, thanks, chikka people. More power to you.

  28. Why can’t i enter thenumber to send text to? its erased after I enter it.. And I can’t register another contact too. Help pls

  29. hi, ive been having problem receiving texts messages. my boyfriend in the phillipines is registered for unlimited texting for chikka and he said he’s been sending me texts but i dont receive any. and he doesnt seem to receive my texts on time either. what seems to be the problem?? pls help. thank u.

  30. Benz Lim · ·

    Hello! I have a question regarding chikka. We already have an account with but we want to create an account in the group chikka. Is there any way that we can transfer all our contacts to the group chikka account?

    Thank you!

  31. no there isnt, sorry, but i would like to know why, the developers of chikka, are not keeping there software for android upto date? i thought that chikka was the best for sending free sms, etc…. but no, its not, why is this? well i tell you, because it doesnt stay connected to the chikka network, thats why, so my question is this, why upload chikka for android to the market, when, it doesnt even work properly??? its actually pointless, and not worth the bother, the developers of chikka cant care about this, as there has been no update to fix the issues of dc from networks, it dc when you are on 3g, date, hidata, etc… pain in the arse, fix it please, or you will have people not using it anymore, and this isnt just me, google chikka network problems, app problems, regards

  32. After downloading the chikka for my android phone and registered to chikka. I try to send a message on one of my friend. Happily he received my message, but when he reply my message I never received. Is there any way to sort out my problem pls…help

  33. Itidakimasu · ·

    I think you have to download the latest version for it but if you have then I think there is a problem with the signal. But honestly I too have this sort of problem. Whenever I’m using chikka on my phone, after several exchange of messages, there is a problem that I won’t receive nor send any of the texts.

  34. Rainier Mesa · ·

    Hi I registered to Chikka via Iphone. I received a sms message notifying me that I am already registered. Along with the notification was my account name and the password. When I tried logging in, it always says that my username and password was invalid. What could be the problem?

  35. Chikka Administrators:

    hi, i’ve beend using chikka for years. im working as an OFW here in Alberta Canada ang chikka is my only source of connecting to my family and friends in the phillipines. It’s been 3 months, I can’t receive any reply from my contacts in the philippines. all of my contacts are aware that they have to reply to my chikka account for me to continue to send them messages. inspite the effort, I still cant receive any reply from them. most of my contacts are smart telecom subscribers. Hoping that the concerns could update me on any solution with regards to my chikka account and possibly extend any helpful technical solution to fix it. thank you and i will appreciate it very much for any help extended. provided below is my name and email address for your reference.

    email add:


    zep rams

  36. ‘Been using Chikka many years now, but since system forces now to use V5, cant receive messages from Philippines anymore–tried everything… *WAS* a very good service/system. Doesn’t seem it can/will be fixed. This is obviously a system problem-not user account. V4 worked great–new very is useless. ‘Wish Chikka will fix it. (V5 appeared to have some virii previously as well–hense the last minute update that was forced…)

  37. hi i have been also using chikka for 7years now. And it’s been already a month that i cannot able to receive reply messages from my family in the Philippines.I really do not know whats going on with the chikka messenger now! Can anybody help me about his problem please. :=(


  39. I hate the limit of chikka txt…can’t let you maximize your credit now… 😦

  40. I cannot log in with my Chikka account today? I use Chikka almost everyday, what happen?

  41. i cannot received text chikka from phils…why?

  42. just want to know why i can’t recieved a reply message whenever i am using chikka?may sister told me that whenever i texted her she response but i couldn’t recieved even one message from her…what shall i do???help me pls…

  43. Hello i cant open my chikka email” how i open pls help me”

  44. hey guys.. can anyone please tell me how to logout on chikka. i’m an android user. thank you..

  45. hello how i fix error problem in chiika, right now i cant open my chikka.

  46. why i cant recieve a reply message from my chikka

  47. how can i retrieve my chikka account/id and my password?..ive been using it for years now and sole medium of communication.please help me

  48. thanks for chikka, can you help me? i cant recieve a reply from the philipines, they always reply me but i didnt recieve any sms, im using galaxy pocket. thanks

  49. how can i reg my korean phone number with chicka messenger? thanks

  50. privatelife19 · ·

    I have the same problem,i can’t receive a message from my sister since September 2012 till now.its really annoying because i don’t have this problem before,hopefully they will fix this very soon..:(

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  52. Why does my chikka cant send a message for example i send a message to my mom then my mom doesnt receive my message? what should i do

  53. why does chikka messenger in PC cant receive a text? when i send a text through chikka then I always receive it on my phone, and if I ignore this my text pal always receive a warning that if he/she didn’t reply, the provider will block him from sending, some thing like that… I NEED ANSWERS…

  54. Hi, i’m using an iphone i had a chikka app on it, i can send txt messages to all of friends and it helps me a lot. But the problem is when someone texted me using chikka the phone will not receive it unless i’m logged in to chikka. As i understood i should be receiving txt messages on my phone when i’m out on chikka just like an ordinary text. Can somebody help me with this…. Tnx…

  55. doris ubales · ·

    Hello, same problem, just recently, I cannot receive txt messages and apparently my family cannot receive txt messages from me as well..what should i do? thanks.

  56. I have read some good stuff here. Definitely worth
    bookmarking for revisiting. I wonder how much attempt you place to
    create the sort of fantastic informative website.

  57. Strangest thing happened while sending message via chikka. After typing and sending my message addressed to one of my contacts, I immediately received a message of another name being added to my contacts using the number listed in my contacts. The name on my contact was automatically replaced by an unknown name. It just happened without me prompting the change. Worst of all, the name that came out was not familiar to me and the name in my contact disappeared. I have a friend who also experienced the same scenario. When my friend asked chikka tech support for explanation for what may appear to be a breach of priavacy which is a bit alarming, they only offered apolo and nothing else.

  58. I was hoping that I will find the solution and answer to my same question as to why I could not receive my mom text messages from the Philippines via chikka. I was so frustrated at chikka sms and found an alternative which is Google sms. I lose 1 credit per page to send but will earn 5 points every time you receive a text. The max credit you can accumulate is 40. I am very happy so far.

  59. jezmill deguzman · ·

    how to get my chikka id? i have an account but i need the chikka id..

  60. collette · ·

    Hi! My friends told me that they sent me messages thru chikka but unfortunately i didn’t receive anything…Why is it happened?

  61. tangstiw · ·

    Can’t see my contacts on chikka

  62. In the last 2-3 days Chikka is not working both in PC and in the browser.
    If it does its very erratic. And its 2.50 for every sent messages wether its drop or successful..
    Calling Chikka admin!!!


  64. 全店送料焑料

  65. i already update my old version to version 6 but still not working.i can’t send and receive text messages from my family in the philippines.what should i do?

  66. Maria Teresa Buenavista · ·

    Version 6 presents so many problems; in fact it has rendered its text messaging functionality useless. First when I upgraded, it removed all my contact list. Second, my recipient didn’t receive the message I sent (I checked using other means). Next log on, on teh same day I upgraded, it failed to remember my password, so I had to reset it by waiting for chikka code in my mobile. This password re-set kept happening until I no longer receive any code in my mobile despite request. Chikka users like me are after functionality and don’t care if the web interface look is very simple. Verson 5 as been very reliable, except for the fact that it does not archive past messages which is alright I suppose given that it is a free service. I hope you guys can fix teh problem as soon as possible. Many thanks!

  67. I have the same problem with the version 6 i cant send message because after upgrading all of my credits are gone! Its very usefull to me im here in dubai i hope you fix the problem because i use chikka alot! Ty hope for your response

  68. Ana-Marie · ·

    Good day!

    I am using Chikka version 5. Last time I visit my Chikka account, all my text buddies were gone. Chikka has sent me a message telling that I should avail the new version which is Version 6. I am trying to Google it but nothing leads me to Chikka Version 6 installer. Please help! Thanks!

  69. I have a problem about my chikka because when i sent a msg it automatically says the the number i sent is blocked,so how could i unblocked,even i didnt blocked the number,,

  70. i have been automatically blocked on sending message to one of my friend in the philippines, but when i sent an sms to another friend, it was sent successfully, please help. thanks a lot

  71. lovely firstly · ·

    U can send messages for free at

  72. I have the same issue, in the old version it blocks your messages to that specific person until the person reply back straight to chikka. Now, even if they send a reply to chikka the messages are still being block for how many days now.

  73. Hi! I already send message to you customer support..Im using my chikka account using my email address for years but not chikka is always asking for my phone number….Please help me to use it again thru my PC. tanx!

  74. what happened to you chikka… before u works great…. but now, starting this updated version 6, everything starting to become worst, so please do something immediately for us whose depending to you. Thanks a lot, looking forward for your prompt help on this matter.

  75. my friend sent me a message in response to my sms via chikka, but i cannot see the message, i presume that there were messages for me since I am seeing red baloons with numbers beside the name of my contacts. How can I see the replies?

  76. how can i log out from my chikka account. as for my husband will log in his chikka account too.

  77. kristine · ·

    Hello chikka,im little bit confused about credits matter. .why my friends have a lots of credits it is more than 100 to all network? And compare to my credits only 30 to all net. .how can i have credits like that.

  78. hello chikka, why i can’t send message to my chikka account…

  79. bakit kaya walang reply icon sa windows 8.1 , pero nakakatanggap ako ng message..

  80. I got a notification that someone replied on my chikka but i cant see the messages on the thread. Plsss help i need to read the response on my messages from a family

  81. Lyka Marie · ·

    i can’t send text via chikka messenger. it says I’m temporarily blocked. How can this be fixed?

  82. hi is chikka really free and will this chikka will not get hidden charges to me or do i need no creadits or load when using chikka?

  83. how to log-out with chikka messenger using mobile phones? pls help…

  84. Asilen · ·

    Hi my chikka in my ipad just stopped working. Everytime i open, it automatically closes. Why is that? And how can i make it work again? Thanks for the assist. I really rely on my chikkatext so much, so appreciate the help.

  85. Randy Louie Robles · ·

    Hi.. I have performed a factory reset to my phone.. Turns out i forgot yo back up my Contacts…. IT IS SO NICE THAT YOU HAVE save my contacts in chikka and after i Re-install chikka my contact were visible again……. PLEASE PROVIDE A WAY SO I CAN EXPORT CHIKKA CONTACTS AND SAVE IT IN MY PHONE AGAIN

  86. Hi! I hope you can help me, my family in the philippines can’t receive any of my messages from chikkatext, chikka is our only way of communicating to each other,. Hoping to receive your response as soon as possible. Thanks!

  87. I can’t access my acct..even I change my password..please help me..

  88. Ive just installed chikka on my phone an hour ago and try to send msgs. But wait, it says i hve insufficient credits and failed to send. Until now i never able to send. Any helpful suggestion? If nothing works, no choice but to replace this app. Thanks.

  89. ivy quiboquibo · ·

    Why i cant send a message and said enter valid recipient what is the of that pls help me,.

  90. why i cant send in chikka,? its says im temporary blocked?

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