Giving back to Pisay

To PISAY batch ’04 and to alll PISAY batches,

I bet everyone is aware as to what happened to our dear campus. I was there 2 weeks ago, some people were doing load testing to ensure the strength of the floors. It’s not at all cool to see students having classes at the grandstand, canteen (co-op), ASTB, gym, dorm, etc. I asked a student how was there schedule specially the lab subjects? What I had in mind are the equipment and chemicals they need to complete the experiments. He said it was fine, no real problems with completing the requirements. But compared to our batch and what we had before, we are to be considered very lucky. The humanities building is now completely shut down.


So maybe we could use this opportunity, to give something back to Pisay, as we’ve been mentioning in the emails. It was like coincidence when Gerard sent an email on September 6 and then on September 30 a Fire hit a school in Quezon City.

Maybe we could start simply with this. The Values Education Department, (one of the departments affected, what am I saying everyone got affected!) came up with a list of items needed by the department.


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