EDSA Billboards and LRT2

Told you. (Yan na nga bang sinasabi ko sa inyo e!) This would be BF’s comment if he’ll be asked to say something regarding the billboards which fell just this afternoon. And expect Senator Santiago (author of the Anti-Billboard Blight Act of 2006) to say something as well. I bet the DPWH, the local government and the private owners will point fingers at each other again just like what happened after billboards fell during the Milenyo storm back in 2006. 

Just to recall, back then, Senator Santiago asked the Supreme Court to investigate judges who had issued temporary restraining orders to the MMDA to prevent it from tearing down billboards. Can’t really think of a logical reason why you would issue a TOR on keeping people safe. Oh yeah! I got it! Maybe the judges… and the billboard owners… you know… had a greasy conversation.

Another thing. Do you ride the LRT2? Take a close look at all the fire extinguishers inside the trains.

One typical day on the train, using my very creative imagination, I thought of a 10-70 scenario inside the train. (10-70 is a radio ten code for a fire alert.) Wanting to be a hero in my story, my first reaction would be to dash for the fire extinguisher to be the one to put out the fire. But lo and behold! The pin that keeps the device from being accidentally pressed is locked by a cable tie in such a way that even if you really wanted to operate the fire protection device, only a very strong cutter would allow you to loosen it. But since they don’t allow sharp objects inside the train, I bet there’s a zero chance that you can cut the cable tie. Unless you are very good in sneaking a sharp object through the very stringent (grabe super stringent as in) security employed by the station guards.  

The fire extinguisher was put there with the purpose that in the event of a fire situation, a nearby civilian can operate it immediately, hassle free. The LRT2 management is just so smart (grabe as in super smart!)! Think of it this way, If there was really a fire and you didn’t bring a sharp object to loosen up the cable tie, the conclusion would be to kiss your sorry @__ goodbye.

If the management would tell me that it’s purpose is to keep playful hands from accidentally pressing it, then I think fining someone for playing with the extinguisher is a better off solution than letting myself be killed if indeed a fire situation happens in the train. May God forbid this to happen.

Even if you had the grandest idea on telling people that accidents can be prevented, that’s only half of it. Another half is thinking of a way to make them listen.

May God have mercy on us Filipinos.


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