Obama vs. Mcain

29 days to go for the US Popular Elections. I just learned yesterday that the Americans don’t vote for Obama or Mcain. (Image from Rickywood.)Rather they will vote for someone who will vote for them. November comes the Popular, December comes the Electoral College. Learning something everyday, good sign for me. Read up. How the Electoral College Works. 

The US doesn’t need change as what Obama is proposing, specially now that they are, I mean we are experiencing an economic crisis. Decrease tax, increase healthcare, pull-out the soldiers in Iraq. He is making promises which seems to be too ideal and too good that the American people might really vote for him. During a turmoil, you don’t have to change anything. Where will you get the money if you cut down taxes? Everyone knows that the US economy heavily depends on wars to survive. Where will US then export their arms? I would love to see Obama get impeached when he fails to deliver. Hehe. Does that mean Biden will become president? 🙂

If Obama doesn’t win the popular vote, I bet Mcain will bag it since there has never been a democrat who lost the popular and won the college electoral. Hayes vs. Tilden, Harrison vs. Cleveland, and recently Bush vs. Gore. But with Obama, everything is new so no one really knows. Also, given the predictability of the US elections, Obama now leading by 8 percent according to CNN today, Obama might just get the seat. After all, having Oprah to back you up, I may say Americans are like Filipino when it comes to voting their leaders. Given the Filipino population in California, I think I know how Schwarzenegger won. Did I get the spelling right?

But will W affect the upcoming elections? Let’s just wait for October 18, the day after W gets released in the US. Too bad they will not show it here in the Philippines. 

For Mcain, I hope Tina Fey can really pull their ratings up. I mean Sarah Palin. Because Barack can really roll. Rick Roll by Rick Astley Obama Style. This is the best publicity stunt I’ve seen so far.

Tomorrow at 1 GMT, that’s 9am here, the second presidential debate. Can’t really wait to watch it.



  1. On the contrary, I would fear the leadership of anyone from the Republican party.

    Why? Because they see war with Iran as a feasible policy option, see drilling for oil in protected areas as the only way to solve the energy crisis, and because they see nothing wrong with reducing environmental protection laws and social welfare laws.

    On the economy: McCain was intimately involved with the architect of the Savings & Loan scandal of the 80’s… which still has repercussions today.

    And Palin???

    Come on.

  2. You should check out the debates going on in this group:


    I posted my arguments on the bill there.

  3. kaiserfernandez · ·

    Hi Kevin,

    I’m neither for Mcain or Obama. I just like politics as entertainment. Better than watching Heroes. Well, not really… Knowing myself, I’m always for the dehado. 🙂 Nice to hear from you again.

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