Cardboards and Cats (Karton at Pusa)

I remember months ago, even before the infamous melamine drama, having a conversation with a Korean I met in a gym. We were the only ones in the small room watching TV when kimchi powder was suddenly flashed in the news. Not sure if it was CNN or Channel News Asia. Anyway, kimchi which is Korea’s most favorite food shown on the news with a Korean guy with you, coincidence was really in play. Didn’t quite hear the news but the guy said traces of metal were found in the powder. As you have guessed, the powder came from China. I can’t really explain his anger for the criminals but mixed emotions were evident on his face. Imagine contaminating your life… your soul… your reason for living… A bit exaggerated but Koreans really like kimchi, and putting poison in kimchi powder is just like the Chinese wiping off every Korean on this planet.

A column on Philippine Star today says, “Korea bars Chinese kimchi”. The Korea Food and Drug Administration blocked 1,637 tons of Chinese made kimchi. The reason? Same thing. Stuff which shouldn’t be in the kimchi is in it.

Last year, cardboard were also found to be used as a siopao ingredient and now melamine in milk which affected everyone worldwide because of it’s effects. What else? Now, that people are finding out that different not-supposed-to-be there things can be found in your China made food, knowing that your siopao contains cat meat is quite imaginable and acceptable. Why? Because it’s a living organism we just don’t have the culture of eating cats. I’m not saying I want to eat cats! I have a dozen of them at home. I just prefer eating a cooked cat over a cooked piece of cardboard. And if you want to know where to get good quality best bang for the buck kimchi here in Metro Manila, just ask me.


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  1. Julie Hernandez · ·

    Hi. I’m really, really craving kimchi and I’m at a point where I get so scared buying these bland kimchis at supermarkets because it always kills that yen I’ve been nurturing for days. I want to know where you get this good quality kimchi you mentioned in this post. And please, I need that trulu authentic kimchi jolt.

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