Today is graduation day. Stressed Out. 1100+ graduates.

I’m wondering given my 4 years of stay in the university, why haven’t I met all of the students who graduated today? Do I lack the friendliness skills? After doing some simple math, it’s very possible to meet everyone in school but circumstances wouldn’t allow it. With this in my head the whole day, I finally came to a conclusion. Quality. It’s great if you have many friends but a good quality relationship with your friends even though they are few relatively speaking is better.

It was Dr. Qs birthday last Tuesday. I greeted her and asked her if she had time to read my very first blog entry in WordPress. In summary, it was about how I really wanted to go to UP Diliman but circumstances didn’t allow it, the reason why I entered DLSU half-heartedly. After everything that happened to me in my 4-year stay in this university, I realized God really has His own mysterious ways in doing things. I would like to quote Dr. Q from her reply in email.

“God’s ways are mysterious indeed and often paradoxical but He always gives us what in the end is for the better…if only we will trust him completely and keep our faith intact. Many senior citizens like me will tell you that because that is what everyone sees when they look back at how life has shaped them.In your case,would you have been better off had you gone to UP Diliman?”

Very true. I don’t know whether things could have been better if back then I opted to go to UP Los Baños or this school along Katipunan. No one knows. Only God knows, and how He manipulates the circumstances brought me to where I am right now.


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