Monthly Archives: October 2008

ECE Board Exam Results

Click here for March 2009 Results I heard that the ECE board exam results for October will be released today. I think I am as excited as my friends who took the exam last Saturday and Sunday. So a quick type in google of “PRC Board Exam Results” will give you the option to go […]

Poverty During Christmas

I heard some people say Christmas will be cancelled here in the Philippines because of poverty. Yeah right! Of course that was a joke. 🙂 But poverty is not a joke here in our country. The solution I have in mind maybe a very mild and very simple solution, but I very well know that […]

Understanding the US Financial Crisis for Dummies

Last month, I posted something about the fall of Lehman Brothers (Red Arrows and Red Blood). This entry would be a sequel to that one. For the past month, it had become a routine to turn on the TV and switch the channel to CNN, Channel News Asia, BBC or Bloomberg. Honestly I really tried […]

EDSA Billboards and LRT2

Told you. (Yan na nga bang sinasabi ko sa inyo e!) This would be BF’s comment if he’ll be asked to say something regarding the billboards which fell just this afternoon. And expect Senator Santiago (author of the Anti-Billboard Blight Act of 2006) to say something as well. I bet the DPWH, the local government and the […]

Obama vs. Mcain

29 days to go for the US Popular Elections. I just learned yesterday that the Americans don’t vote for Obama or Mcain. (Image from Rickywood.)Rather they will vote for someone who will vote for them. November comes the Popular, December comes the Electoral College. Learning something everyday, good sign for me. Read up. How the […]


Cardboards and Cats (Karton at Pusa)

I remember months ago, even before the infamous melamine drama, having a conversation with a Korean I met in a gym. We were the only ones in the small room watching TV when kimchi powder was suddenly flashed in the news. Not sure if it was CNN or Channel News Asia. Anyway, kimchi which is […]