Lucky Manzano’s Secret

Does it really come from a bear? But what if it comes from a Chinese bear? Have you met a bear who’s lactose intolerant? To Vilma Santos, can Bear Brand make me as handsome as Lucky?

Good thing Nestle Philippines has already assured that all materials used for all its’ milk products come from Australia, New Zealand, Europe, or the Americas. Consuming 3-4 glasses of milk a day, I should really be aware whether my milk contains melamine or not. 

One member of my family has kept on saying for the past week, “Sira-ulong mga Chinese yan.” She’s not generalizing however she’s truly irritated with whomever thought about making money at the cost of harming and even killing children. The consumers just wanted to make sure their kids get the right nutrition. Milk is a basic source of nutrition you would never imagine being harmful for your kids. This is a crime in multiple proportions! Haha! 

I can only see smiling faces from all the lactose intolerants out there. 

For our local milk producers be ready for the demand.

I bet juice drinks will surely have a slight increase in their sales…



  1. isa raw side effect ng melamine, nagiging mayabang e. hehe

  2. kaiserfernandez · ·

    Kaya pala, kasi sa tingin ko uso na ‘tong melamine na ‘to 5 years ago na. Ngayon lang nadiskubre.

  3. im a proud lact0se intolerant teen!haha

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