Solar Christmas Lights

This morning while surfing the net, I came across a retailer of solar powered Christmas lights. It was being sold for 1500 pesos for a set of 60 LEDs and only 1000 pesos if you buy in bulk. I did some rough computations.

Typical Christmas Lights:
5 Watts per bulb x 60 bulbs = 300 Watts
300 Watts x 10-hour operation per day = 3KWh/day
3KWh/day x 30 days = 90KWh/month
8.34 Php/KWh-month x 90KWh/month = Php 750.6 / month for a string of 60 light bulbs.

Why not try a Solar LED Christmas Lights Set? (image from
Php 1500 for a set of 60 LEDs.
Breakeven in 2 years!
But if you start to use it on November, you’ll be getting what you paid for before New Year’s Eve. Nice.


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