Google Chrome Versus the World

It’s confirmed! My PLDT DSL is not the problem! It’s the browser.
I normally feel that my internet service provider is not really giving me what I am paying for. I even had a theory before, that whenever you click something, press enter etc. you submit a request to somewhere, a loading time is expected. There was a contradiction, because it should only take a couple of milliseconds for a packet coming from Manila to reach Sunnyvale, California (Yahoo!! head office) and back to the Philippines. I now conclude that the loading time of any website is mainly attributed to the performance of the browser.
The nice thing about this is the fact that these stats (image from by Stephen Shankland) really mean what they are saying. After opening Chrome, (take note, while opening… not after opening…) I was really amazed. Not enough time for me to react.
Everyone expected this from Google. Even Mozilla CEO John Lily said this was inevitable. Out of the $66 million revenue of Mozilla Corp. back in 2006, $56 million came from Google for a deal that will put Google as the default search engine in Firefox and now Google has it’s own and performing way better than everybody else.
Poor Microsoft, the release of Chrome is now overshadowing the new features of the IE Beta 2 which was released on August 27 last week. By adding features which are already available in firefox wouldn’t really help them.
I now have all the top web browsers available, Chrome, IE, Firefox, Safari and Opera. IE came with my system. Firefox was immediately installed after installing Windows. Opera was installed a year ago wanting to try out the speed dial feature, unfortunately speed was more important for me than the dial feature. Safari was installed last June due to instability of the Firefox 3 back then and also to Apple’s claim that it’s the fastest browser at that time. Chrome was installed half an hour ago and IE Beta 2, uhmmm… Microsoft! I can’t download your f*****g setup.
A quick look on Chrome. John Lily said “Chrome will be a browser optimized for the things that they see as important.” True, the reason why IE is not getting too much attention is because they keep on adding either features already available on other browsers or things a majority of users will never even try out. Chrome offers somewhat like what the speed dial of Opera, but instead of programming your own sites, clicking the add new tab will initially show you small windows of the nine recent pages that you have visited. It also has the download status bar at the bottom of the tab. Take note. Status bar at the tab because you only see the downloaded files for tabs where you did the download. When you press Ctrl+F a search box appears but what’s cool is that while typing the letters, it shows how many exact letters would match your search based on what you have typed so far out of a possible number of words that could match your query. Another nice thing is the big button with an arrow pointing downwards that appears at split second when you save or download something.
I can’t recommend downloading this software, but if it’s from Google, expect something elegant…

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  1. have google chrome. worked fine while using smartbro wifi. won’t connect if using pldt mydsl.

  2. kaiserfernandez · ·

    I have pldt mydsl and it’s working perfectly. I believe it’s just a settings problem. Go to options. : )

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