Faceyourmanga is back online!

And they’re up!!! Now I see. All they needed was my blog entry. Haha…
After faceyourmanga.com’s page loaded on Chrome, the site requested for an update in flash player. I downloaded the new flash player, installed it. While installing the app, Firefox was requested to be closed but the funny thing was Chrome was open and it didn’t request Chrome to be shut down. When I checked the Adobe Flash player download page, Chrome was not among the supported browsers. Expected because Chrome just came 2 days ago.
I opened faceyourmanga on Chrome but it kept on bringing me to the update your flash player page even after restarting the browser. Same thing happens with Firefox. However, should I say good work for Microsoft because faceyourmanga loaded on IE successfully? Is it Adobe’s fault why they can’t load faceyourmanga on both Chrome and Firefox? If Chrome doesn’t really have the capability of loading the latest flash player, then why can’t my Firefox load faceyourmanga? Or is it really just my system which is causing the problems?

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