Bayani Fernando

This article may seem biased for some. Feel free to comment. I wrote this back in 2005.


Although the methods of Bayani Fernando in implementing the law

seems to be absurd, it may just be what is needed by the public.


Since the year when Bayani Fernando was appointed chairman of the Metro Manila Development Authority, many things have changed and have come up in the streets of Metro Manila which we did not notice in the past MMDA administration if there is really anything to be noticed about. He was all of a sudden the talk of the town because of his odd ways of implementing the law and most importantly his political will and determination in doing his job. He was once even called merciless because of the way he drove of the squatters and the sidewalk vendors. Indeed, there was no other way because these people never listened. They kept their ground so the only way left was to use force against them. BF said that he was just doing his work and that was to implement the law.


Until now he’s still up and running with even more absurd ways of making Metro Manila his own dream city. Some of the methods he is using are just copy from other countries which have worked for them like the U-turn slots and which are very ideal for our traffic problems. For an engineer’s point of view, these U turn slots are effective because it keeps the traffic flow moving. Cars do not have to stop at intersections so it’s more beneficial for people who would go straight. And for those who are making turns, they just have to take u turn slots which are just few meters away. Other people think that it’s just a waste of time making u-turns because they think that these slots are very far from the streets which they should originally be making turns. But consider the time wasted waiting on red lights at intersections compared to the time taken to travel to the nearest slot.


Only in the Philippines have we seen fences preventing pedestrians on crossing busy roads and for vehicles to avoid loading and unloading passengers on prohibited areas which shows clearly how hard-headed Filipinos are. Bayani said, “We had to think of a way to enforce discipline on Filipinos who refuse to follow basic traffic and road rules.” which led to the fences’ installation. The fences as of now can be considered as effective because it kept people from staying on the critical parts of road like the corners especially on intersections and even preventing people from occupying almost half of the width of the road. A good example is what has been done to the Aurora-EDSA intersection in Cubao. All its four corners were planted with pink fences to make people wait for their rides meters away from the intersection, because a clear intersection means a healthy traffic flow. But some Filipinos still do not obey the rules. They still go near fences to wait for their rides. We all know that they are just few but it still irritates my eyes seeing pedestrians beside these fences on the wrong side of it which is the road part which are intended for the use of vehicles. Do they know the meaning of pedestrian sidewalks? Maybe not because they do not know also the meaning of pedestrian crossings thinking that these white parallel stripes on the road are just for design. Are they trying to mock the MMDA officers or they just want to display their amazing stupidity?


Are these type of people just plain stupid or are they just selfish? Not everybody notices it but it is selfishness in a way that keeps our roads from being orderly. If each one of us will only think of our own convenience without thinking of what its effect might be on the society, then absolutely no order will be observed. Selfishness or not, the MMDA would not just stare at these people doing nothing, so they thought of using the very basic way of teaching and warning them. The MMDA installed numerous signs with words of font sizes of about a thousand pixels to make sure that even people with cataract can see it. It even used basic Tagalog words of what they should do and what will happen if they disobey it. “WALANG TAWIRAN NAKAMAMATAY.” So if you are still found just a few meters from these signs, there will surely be no excuse that you did not see it.


We all know that it is normal here in the city to see commuters waiting for rides while occupying almost half the width of the road. Another solution that the MMDA thought of was the wet flag policy that did not prove to be effective because of the lack of vehicles to install the wet flags. It just caused the pedestrians to go back to the middle of the road after the wet flag has already passed by. But this absurd method woke up different local government units and made them react. Some said that it is okay that you can see the agency doing what they can do to instill discipline but a majority said that it was useless, inefficient and the agency just made a laugh out of themselves. They even said that they should think first before implementing something. The MMDA answered back simply saying that at least they are doing something unlike the different LGUs who only know how to criticize what the other agencies are doing. They also said that they have been trying to make arrangements with the city mayors to agree upon what to do regarding this certain problem and no one responded. Now when the project is on the go, everybody just seems to want the media to listen to what they have to say regarding the wet flag policy. Why now when it is already being implemented? Why call it useless when the city mayors themselves are not doing anything? Why now claim that you yourselves, the city mayors, already have the plans for this problem and just not have the time to implement it? Plans are not plans forever. They are supposed to be executed. Probably these city mayors just talk when a hot issue comes, for them to shine in being in favor of the public regarding the policy, a very cheap tactic for a lowly politician. Even if it did not work that effectively, at least it showed the people who among their leaders are doing what they can for progress and who are just making use of their positions for popularity and fortune from corruption.


All of these problems on the road came about because of lack of discipline of pedestrians as well as drivers of vehicles. So if there’s no way to teach them to obey the law, then forcing them to obey it might be the proper solution and its better if it is more unconventional. We should try new ways to make Metro Manila a better place because we are all tired of seeing the same problems of our streets day after day. Change should be done and it should be to develop and improve our standards of living.


If you are talking about improvement, Bayani Fernando is definitely the right man for the job. Everybody can call him merciless but he does not even care as long as he thinks that it is for the progress of the city. In fact he should be considered as one of the most politically-willed non-politician who ever held a position in the government. He is just a servant of the people who does things which he thinks are right. He does not mind if the people who are getting mad at him are also the ones who could get him a higher position in office. He just wants to do his job and make Metro Manila the city that he dreamed of.



  1. ui kgulat k ah!active n active k ky BF ah…c paul nga pla to un klasm8 m s MCS at minsan mong nkksby sa lrt..hehe…ayus yn pre…eto gyahin nyo c kaiser n isa s member ng team of students n ngdevelop ng solar powered car ng our beloved Philippines na inilaban s international competition!inventor n pulitiko p!naks!!hehe…go!go lng pre suporthan ntin c BF manalo mn o matalo…lam q mhrap dhil s Pilipinas kun tama k mamaliin k… laban tayo!!!pra s byan!kun apihin mn tyo…gnun tlg kc tayo mga modern-day galileo who see bright things while majority don’t..kya misunderstood…wahahaha..twagn p rw tayong BF maniac o fans..ok n un kesa corruption maniac o fan ng mga corrupt..wehehehe..s mga kpwa kbtaan,wg kau mgbulagbulagan…isa tayo s malaking percentage ng voting population kya we have the power to change..Vote BF!:)…Go BF Go!

  2. I’ve had the chance to live near Marikina for the past couple of months. I’ve lived in QC, Makati, Mandaluyong but I have never seen a City as organized and as disciplined as Marikina.

    Great job BF. I hope our country can raise up more leaders like you.

  3. know more about marikina and its people by visiting

  4. Guys let’s help spread the word to all our family and friends. Let’s start campaigning through our e-mails for BAYANI FERNANDO for 2010 president. Let’s get our act together and let’s start now, I’ll do my share please do yours, Bayani deserves all our love & support. Bayani Fernando for President!

  5. benjie dorango · ·

    goodday, ka-bf4p!

    benjie dorango po ito. assistant director/head writer ng kanyang programa sa nbn channel 4, ang MMDA ON THE ROAD. please help naman to support his tv program every friday, 7pm-8pm. maganda ang concept and maraming inputs lalo na yung mga lakad namin tuwing may operation. kaya lang, since channel 4, parang walang pumapansin. maganda kasi itong gamiting materyales para ma-educate pa ang iba na hindi naniniwala kay chairman. you can also email us at kung meron kayong napupuna o nais na isumbong sa inyong lugar. pasasagot natin yan kay chairman. and also, feel free to record every episode at upload it on youtube. pansin ko, wala kasing gumagawa nito. ako sana kaya lang sobrang busy kami sa production.

    tnx guys and see you in 2010!

    Go! may urbanidad na mamamayan!
    GO! Chairman Bayani Fernando!

  6. hill roberts · ·

    Finally! I get to comment on this gentleman, Senor Bayani Fernando. I’ve been watching all the YouTube videos from my home in Spain (three decades to be exact) and I couldn’t help but be amazed at the transformation! I mean, Metro Manila looks like an American city, with lots of greenery, trees, ornamental flowers, and those lovely footbridges. If Mr Fernando and his staff are doing all this to beautify the capital and make it a world city, like London, New York, Barcelona, Tokyo, then he is the man for me. Just as well I can now vote again after losing my Filipino citizenship when they changed the rules. At least, La Gloria did something to return our right to be Filipinos again after getting EU or US citizenship. Thank you, Ma’am for having changed the rules. As for the MMDA Chairman and his hard-working staff, congratulations! But, let’s not drop our guard. There are still an awful lot to do to make our capital worthy of a visit form Filipinos and foreign visitors alike. We can also help by cooperating and following laws, rules and regulations. Mr B Fernando has shown that the capital is not hopeless in imposing discipline and making the city clean, tidy, smart and livable. The citizens now look healthy, too. A week or so ago, I saw an interview with the current US Ambassador and she was asked what she thought of Manila. She replied, 2 It’s a lot greener than I thought…”Wow! That, alone, is a thing to rejoice. Who would have thought that such a positive remark would come from a US Ambassador? Indeed, we must keep it that way. We would like to arrive at the airport smelling the fragrance of a clean city, the fragrance of our indigenous flowers and trees, the cleanliness of roads, footbridges, skyways. We would like to smell the natural clean air. We would like to leave the capital, missing the frangrance of our healthy trees, our plants, our ornamental flowers. That’s what we want. Clean air, nice smart surroundings and peace and order. From Spain, I wish Mr Fernando and his Staff kudos to you all. Keep up the good work. our capital does look a lot better than ten years ago. More acacia trees please, more flowers and lovely plants. Who cares about the pink colour? The important thing is, the walls are not grimy anymore; the washed walls around city limits which used to be wretched in appearance are disappearing, This is the only way to compete to be the best of the best, equal among equals. Sooner or later, those critics and phony detractors of the MMDA Chairman and his Staff will end up with eggs on their faces once they see the total transformation of the capital. Guapo Metro, Muy Bien, y muchas gracias a todos! Mabuhay, Hill Roberts

  7. Please visit Bayani Fernando’s official website at to more about his projects, achievements and advocacy.

  8. peemayer · ·

    Those who chastise BF are morons…Fact at tanging fact lng dpat ang tanging basehan bago tayo magsalita..ok?rule of law should always be the basis..dun dapat tayo dumedepende ndi s pkirmdam lang ntin o duda…yun ang nging sandalan ng mga mauunlad n bansa ngayon at yun ang gusto ipatupad ni BF..lam ko d naman sya perpekto but he’s the best we got now..kun yung ibang bansa nga e iniimbitahan p c BF o MCF pra maglecture ng good governance sa kanila dahil nakikita nila ito tayo p kaya na ating-atin sila..this is our chance..well this is a free society..ang mgiging choice ntin ngayon ang ating aanihan s hinaharap..whether it’s a failed crop or a bountiful harvest…it’s up to us Filipinos….

  9. Mga kaibigan kailangan ng suporta ni BF dito sa site na ito:
    Kailangan me counter tayo sa maling logic nitong si Ishmael Fischer Ahab tungkol kay BF.
    He’s definitely one of the misguided few.



  10. Kuya Caesar · ·

    Hi Altimg,

    I believe no matter how we try to convince him, this guy will forever be firmly against bayani as can be read from his other posts. However, what we can do is comment on his articles as to guide his readers into logical thinking.

    I’d rather believe Alex Magno, Neal Cruz, Randy David and Solita Monsod here

  11. I voted for the guy. Too bad he didn’t win Vice President. Nor did Gordon win the presidency. That would have been something, yes?

    You know, the vote for President and Vice should be single vote only! Why? C’mon it’s common sense right?… The president now is Noynoy III and Vice prez is Binay. Do you really think they will work efficiently together?

    Imagine if the tag team are actually voted together and won together. That would be better, yes? Even if they lost together, at least they’re together.

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