Monthly Archives: September 2008

Lucky Manzano’s Secret

Does it really come from a bear? But what if it comes from a Chinese bear? Have you met a bear who’s lactose intolerant? To Vilma Santos, can Bear Brand make me as handsome as Lucky? Good thing Nestle Philippines has already assured that all materials used for all its’ milk products come from Australia, New […]

Pink Panther by Alex Magno

The article is no longer available in philippine star’s site (Editorial Section). I’m just making it available here. — Pink Panther FIRST PERSON By Alex Magno  Tuesday, September 23, 2008 During a forum with university students recently, Fidel V. Ramos declared that what the country needs now is a “bayani.”Asked if he meant that generically […]

Reproductive Health Bill

After a heartfelt loss against the Blue Eagles and going through the week that broke Wall Street, let’s go back to an issue which Rep. Roilo Golez of Parañaque urges his colleagues to set aside and then focus on more pressing matters. So this is not a pressing matter? Short term yes, but in the […]

Red Arrows and Red Blood

Late morning I had a chat with my ex-roommate about the financial meltdown happening in the US with Lehman Brothers the 4th largest investment bank in the US about to declare bankruptcy and Merrill Lynch to be bought by the Bank of America. (View the conversation at the bottom) I didn’t care. I know very […]

Manila Science Professional

Last Friday afternoon, students from  Maynilad Study Center, went to Manila Science High School to conduct the Manila Science Professional. (Click here for more photos) First things first, Maynilad Study Center is not in anyway related to the water company. Maynilad is a study center which offers holistic personal development for male university students through talks, get-togethers […]

Bayani Fernando

This article may seem biased for some. Feel free to comment. I wrote this back in 2005. ———- Although the methods of Bayani Fernando in implementing the law seems to be absurd, it may just be what is needed by the public.   Since the year when Bayani Fernando was appointed chairman of the Metro […]

Faceyourmanga is back online!

And they’re up!!! Now I see. All they needed was my blog entry. Haha… After’s page loaded on Chrome, the site requested for an update in flash player. I downloaded the new flash player, installed it. While installing the app, Firefox was requested to be closed but the funny thing was Chrome was open […]